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I never thought in my life that blogging would be something that I would get into; for several reasons of course. I mean, growing up without social media and computers was a great thing, but as I age, now in my 30’s, I see the great advantages it can have; along with the disadvantages that I assume many of you guys can agree with. But, the world is literally at your finger tips of anything you want to know and I get amazed at how much time is wasted by our youth, and older generation, looking up and filling their brains with useless knowledge or searching things that is never going to improve their lives for the better, or even searching for things that could help improve their own communities. I get it though because with the amount of things that media throws in our face to keep us distracted it is hard; I am just as guilty, but…

I’m getting a little off topic here. So, blogging, it has literally turned into a hobby that I’m looking forward to each and every day. Even if it is just a post about how my day was…it is a reward feeling, knowing that someone is going to read what I’m thinking, what I am writing, and maybe just my words can make their day better, or maybe I can say something motivating that will give them, you, that extra boost.

I woke up and laughed today because my smartphone went off and it said, congratulations, you now have a total of 6 followers; and to be honest, I got instantly excited; and of course, I am going to tell you why…calm down! LOL.

You see when I started Raw Orange I had an idea in my head about how smooth it could work, if I just stuck with it and gave it 100%, but a few days after I started publishing videos of Raw Orange and the links, I was noticing that I wasn’t getting any views or subscribers and to be honest, it was frustrating because, in my mind, I was like wait…I figure how many people would be looking at my post and would want to help me build a channel that as meant for pure positivity and information. That’s when I realized, wait…hold on, this is a new system and with ANYTHING new, comes time and patience to learn the skill. So, that is what I did…I started researching other bloggers and their post and I started to get fascinated with their articles and what was on their mind and then I did something un selfish…I started following people and then came the respect t set aside my own ambition for growing my channel and I focused my energy on helping other people grow their channel and that is when something happened.

I started commented on peoples post and I started giving my opinions on topics that they felt important and then I started getting feedback and shortly after that, I started to notice…wait…people are starting to subscribe to my blogs, my channel, A shear respect thing and a great example of how the power of networking really works and can be successful.

You see I only have 6 followers, but that is not a bad thing, but a great thing because I am almost at 10 followers and if I speak my mind honestly and can grab people’s attention then I know that 10 will surely turn into 20,40,60 and so on…you see I was excited this morning because this was a sheer example of us as humans. I wanted something, but when I started it, I started it with a mind of selfishness, me, me, me and of course, me..there was not thinking about others; not saying their ideas, your ideas were unimportant, or less, but I wanted to focus on my project, and that is when the lesson hit me. Put others first and only then will you succeed. And of course, the other lesson that I had learned was just the general purpose of learning something new that, not only was I used to not having, but also is something that typically frustrates me; electronics.

I told myself though, no, it is new and you are going to be patient and learn this and, while yes, I have not mastered the skill, of even this website…I am learning and even the small hurdles, I am smiling in the process. To all of you that sees the valuable lesson in this short blog of how putting others first can improve your own success, thank you!

I am now going to put my kids on the school bus and take my butt back to bed! Talk to you later cyber family! And, to add to that cyber family bit, it is even greater because it’s not just people from where I come from, but people from all over the world and traveling is something that I always had been fascinated with and has always been a personal goal of mine; so in a way; meeting new people through here and hearing their stories is, in a way, filling that dream!Networking




Is Age Really Just a Number?

This week’s Broadcast talk about the controversial question that has left many different opinions fire up in a fury storm because of such a sensitive topic; especially when it comes to people we know directly and who may be going through it. I invite you to check the video below out as I give facts on many different countries legalities on the issue; and where America stands with it’s rules. I also explain my personal opinion from the Pros and Cons first had as my girlfriend and I have a healthy gap between our ages. Please tell me what you guys and girls think about this sensitive issue, but I ask before you do; check the video out and see where I’m coming from first. Maybe I might say something you haven’t thought about before or maybe you will see some of the facts that may make you question America’s laws on the subject. Thanks for watching and look out for a new video each week on a different Hot Topic; this is Raw Orange




Who is and What is Raw Orange

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Raw Orange Revolution

My name is Shane and I am a Disabled Veteran who struggle with PTSD ever day and with raising 5 children and trying to maintain a level head…things can get challenging. I created Raw Orange as an outlet that talks about hot and controversial topics in America with the goal to raise awareness for people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a gift for my children for one day when I am dead and gone they can know who their father was and what I support. Thank you for all the support.

This is an interview with a personal friend of mine from Colorado who is a recovering Meth and cocaine addict and this is his story. Please like Share and Subscribe to the channel; new videos each week

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